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The Peruvian Horse
of Passage


Main Advantages of The Peruvian Race on Other Chair Races

  1. Of its virtues, the most prominent is the smoothness of the walk, known as "floor." This consists of a modality of hereditary and unique displacement, and totally natural. The Peruvian Paso or Piso Horse moves its center of gravity forward, having the lateral as the main biped of the movement which, when dissociated into four consecutive and lateral supports, creates a sequence of movement that moves the center of gravity forward. The other horse races have a translation movement originated in the diagonal bipedal, which makes their impulse supports be made in X and move their center of gravity up and forward, causing discomfort to the rider.

The air is more diffused is the "flat step". Peruvian breeders give great importance to the "term" (high action of the front members) while the later ones accompany with a terrestrial displacement. The floor can be as slow as the tranco on a trotting horse and as fast as a long jog or a short gallop and is completely natural (not induced or aided by any human artifice). Because of its incredible smoothness when walking, the Peruvian Paso Horse is known as the "Rolls Royce" of the horse races.

  1. It is not necessary to be a riding professional to ride it efficiently since the Paso is natural in its movements unlike other races that have a learning process.

  2. The disposition to work or riding of the Peruvian Paso Horse was sought and preserved for more than 400 years as a characteristic of the breed; resulting in time a race without vices or natural tricks.

  3. It can be mounted with any type of rig without reducing the quality of riding.

  1. It was designed to be a work horse, horseback riding and long trips, so it deepened its characteristic resistance as the foundation and usefulness of its race.

  2. It was designed to be assembled and disassembled without special aids and therefore its size proved to be ideal for rider comfort.

  3. The "Horse - Rider" binomial is the most elegant, becoming not horsemen but gentlemen when we ride them.

  1. The 108 microclimates that exist in Peru have allowed it to acclimatize to almost every climate in the world.

  2. It is a race that bases its genetic excellence on the selection and not on the crossing of different races.

  3. Due to its docility, comfort, disposition and naturalness, men and women of any age can ride it without demanding risk for the rider.